What is Certification?

Nature’s Healthiest® Certification
consists of three criteria categories:

Ingredients Not Permitted, General Guidelines, and Nutrition Guidelines. All areas of criteria must be met in order to qualify for certification.

Ingredients Not Permitted

Ingredients will not be permitted in any product certified as Nature’s Healthiest®. These ingredients are included in this listing as they fit at least one of four criteria for inclusion:

  • are artificial or
  • are highly processed or
  • in clinical studies, have shown a potential to cause adverse effects to human health or
  • may cause harm to the environment

General Guidelines

General Guidelines have been identified as some of the optimal characteristics in any product certified as Nature’s Healthiest®. In determining criteria both the product and packaging are considered.

Nutrition Guidelines

Nutrition Guidelines have been established for evaluation of products seeking certification as Nature’s Healthiest®. Along with the Ingredients Not Allowed and General Guidelines categories, the Nutrition Guidelines criteria emphasize the importance of nutrient balance as well as quality in the foods and beverages that contribute to a healthy lifestyle.


Step 1: Download the three Criteria documents and compare to your product ingredients and standards.

Step 2: Contact Nature's Healthiest® and speak to a certification specialist.

Step 3: The certification specialist will explain the process to certification and answer any questions you may have.

Step 4: Complete the certification forms and contracts and submit for your initial product review.

Step 5: If, after the review has been completed, your products meet the certification criteria, you will receive a preliminary approval and a manufacturing facility inspection will then be scheduled. Once all requirements are complete you will be granted Nature's Healthiest® Certification!

Step 6: If your products do not meet the criteria, you will be given guidance as to how to bring your products into compliance.



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